Predator Hunting

That terrible day comes each year and buck season is finally over. You feel like it’s the end of the world. What are you supposed to hunt now? Let me give you a hint, do you ever wonder where your gut piles go after a couple of hours or by the next morning? That would be a coyote or fox most likely eating up those remains which are pretty weary animals but are becoming more abundant in numbers throughout the United States. But today I’m going talk just about the coyotes and how to hunt them.

First off- you have to know what you’re hunting and how they think. Coyotes are a wolf like animal but much smaller and can weigh up to fifty pounds. Coyotes tend to run in packs but you can also find a lone coyote once in a while. There is a need to hunt these predators because they are becoming a problem animal in urban areas as they are pushed out of their natural habitat. They are known to hunt and kill livestock and even kill domestic pets. That will make you think twice about just letting your dog out and thinking nothing of it. But they are also scavengers and once a scent is in the air of something dead or they hear a distress call of a struggling animal you can bet that there will be coyotes there in minutes if there is one in the area.

Image result for coyotes

You can pretty much hunt this animal in any type of terrain such as dense woods, grasslands and prairies. My weapon of choice when hunting these animals is my AR, which is 223 caliber rifle the perfect round for this predator. I preferably like to hunt coyotes during the late afternoon when it’s about to start getting dark. I do this because they have exceptional vision and hearing so I like having the upper hand and bring a spotlight! You’re going to want to have where you’re going to hunt already scouted and known. Be sure to be extremely quite getting to your spot. Once you’re all setup get your call going. I use an electric distress call which will allow you to focus on spotting the coyotes. Once all this is happening, start glassing and spotting a coyote before they spot you, and aim for the top front shoulder so you can drop them where they stand.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into the predator hunting world!


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