Best Places to Hunt in the World

While my last post dealt with where some of the best hunting can be done in the United States, this post will talk about where to do some of the best hunting in the world. By hunting around the world, you can have access to hunt many species that are only native to a specific country. The only problem with trying to hunt around the world is it can become quite expensive so have your wallet handy.

I will first talk about what is near us and that is Canada. Canada is best known for their ducks and bucks this is because the Canadian sky is full of geese and ducks! The best time to hunt these geese and ducks is when they are migrating down from the arctic in September and early October. There is also world class mule deer and whitetail deer that hangout in the plains. These aren’t the only game Canada has to offer; they also have wolves, moose, black bear and many other waterfowl.

Image result for geese and ducks

The best place hands down in the world for bird hunting is Argentina. Cordoba, Argentina is home to an estimated fifty million doves and where the season for doves runs year long, there’s nothing stopping you from going after these birds. Birds aren’t the only thing in this great country there is also puma, stag, capybara, and even water buffalo!

The best place in the world for a safari and to hunt many animals is Africa. If you ever have the chance to hunt in Africa you will have access to hunt the most diverse kinds of animal. From crocodiles to the king of the jungle the lion! Hunting an Africa will always leave you with the thought of am I the hunter or the hunted? Much of the game you hunt here are predators and you are at the bottom of the food chain.

Image result for lion

Now if it’s a monster rack you seek and by this I mean hunting the king of all deer, you have to go to New Zealand. Only here will you find the best world class red stag. The prime hunting time for this animal is in the rut which falls between March and May. New Zealand also offers other animals with racks such as fallow, sika, sambar, rusa, and whitetail deer and many other antler or horned animals.

Image result for red stag

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully sparked your interests to hunt these amazing animals one day!


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