Best Game to Hunt in the U.S.

The United States has some of the best hunting available in the world. It has a variety from waterfowl, smaller game to big game hunting. Only problem is you have to travel to have access to some of these trophy hunts and some are so remote it’s only accessible by plane, boat or on foot.

By far I think the most exciting hunt to go on would be to go to Alaska to hunt the Kodiak islands. On Kodiak lives the biggest most dangerous game on United States soil, the Kodiak brown bear. These bears can get upwards and over 1500 pounds standing at about 10 feet tall. This predator is at the top of the food chain on this island and can only be found on this island. The only way possible to go and hunt this magnificent animal is through a lottery system where it is very unlikely to get chosen to go on this hunt. It is also one of the most challenging hunts on which to go because the island terrain is so harsh and always different wherever you go on the island. It is so strenuous on the body that you must train and workout to be ready for such a hunt.

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Another awesome place to hunt is Montana. Montana is such a great place to hunt because it offers a huge variety of game. But I would say the best thing to hunt in this state is elk! Each year about 50 percent of the elks harvested for a given year come from Montana. Which means there’s an abundance and healthy population of elk.

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If its moose you’re after then you are going to want to head to Maine. Maine moose is considered to be Canadian moose which might help with why Maine has the biggest population of moose in the lower 48. This hunt is also only accessible to hunters by a lottery system and if chosen then you can have the privilege of hunting a moose.

But if you are trying to switch it up from whitetail then go for a mule deer. But again you will have to be entered into a lottery system to hunt this animal. The best places to hunt a mule deer is out west in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Arizona is definitely the place to try and get the tag because the myth is the giants live there.

I hope you enjoyed the post can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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