Choosing the Right Weapon or Caliber

Choosing a rifle or a weapon of choice can depend on many different factors.

  1. Your preference first off.
  2. How you think the most effective way kill that animal or the most clean/humane way.
  3. It will also depend on what day it is in the hunting season and what is permissible to hunt with. Before rifle season occurs there’s a bow and muzzle loader season. This is good because it gives people a chance to use other hunting methods before the long range rifles are in season. But once rifle season starts it’s basically open season and you are permitted to use any weapon of choice such as a bow, crossbow, muzzle loader or a rifle.

But first I’m just going to talk about finding the right rifle to use for different game and terrain. For deer hunting, the best American deer rifle/ caliber is the 30-30 Winchester. It was developed in the 1890s by Winchester and has been used for hunting deer for over a century. At ranges of 150 yards or less the 30-30 is one of the best. It’s a lever action rifle which is much quicker to reload then a bolt action which is great for taking a second shot if you miss the first time.

If you’re going for a little bit bigger game such as a bear, moose or elk you’re going to want something that packs more of a punch such as a .300 and up. You’re not going to want to be shooting one of these animals with a pee shooter because you’re going to end up pissing them off and putting yourself at risk for injury like getting mauled or killed. You want a caliber with stopping power that will drop a big animal instantly making it a very clean kill.

If you have some varmint hunting to do such as coyote, raccoon, ground hog, fox, hog or any critter giving you trouble use a 22, .17, or .223. But if it’s really pissing you off and you want to get rid of it, take out your AR-15 (.223.) with a full clip and light it up, you’re bound to nail him and end that problem. But that wouldn’t be safe so don’t do that! AR-15 (.223) is perfect for hog hunting and is what most hunters now use for feral hogs.

I hope you enjoyed this post and took something away from it on what to use while hunting.


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