Preparation for Deer Season

Hey fellow deer hunters,

Many people think deer season starts in the fall but if you’re a true deer hunter you know that it starts much earlier than that. The preparation for deer season starts in the late spring and early summer and it’s crucial to realize that and prepare. During the summer, deer are going to be feeding heavily preparing for when it starts to get cold and food becomes scarce.

In the late spring, start planting! It’s crucial if you want to be a successful hunter to start establishing food plots to get deer in the routine of coming and feeding in your plots. Maintaining these food plots during the summer and making sure that there is plenty of nutrients for the deer will ensure the bucks grow big antlers and are bigger giving you more meat for the freezer.

For the next step, you will want to start setting up trail cameras so you can keep tabs on those big bucks. By setting up cameras, you will be able to keep track of the deer movement and find out their tendencies and where they are throughout the day. You will also be able to pattern the doe. This is big because doe usually keep the same pattern throughout the season and during the rut. When you know where the doe will be during the rut, you will know a buck is not too far behind chasing the doe and you’ll hopefully be in the perfect position to kill that trophy buck. Also remember to maintain known travel paths of deer. If you do not do this and their path gets obstructed by a fallen tree or gets overgrown, this will cause deer to change their travel patterns.

After you finish putting your trail cameras up and clearing paths, wait a couple weeks and go over all the data you have collected. By then you will probably know the travel patterns of the deer. By knowing their travel patterns you will be able to strategically place your deer stands so you can have the optimal chance of bagging a nice deer. Also make sure you get out and practice shooting your gun, bow, muzzle loader  in order to ensure it is properly sighted in so when that chance does present itself you can make a clean humane kill.

I hope you found some use or knowledge out of this post to know what goes into preparation for deer season and to help you better prepare for it!


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