Me Looking Down the Barrel

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to start my blog that strictly focuses on all aspects of hunting, from the preparation for the hunt to processing the deer after making the kill. I did not grow up hunting. I am the only one in my family that hunts and I started hunting my freshman year of high school. That being said, it’s never too late to learn to hunt or to learn any new hobby in life.

Hunting became my passion when I first moved to Virginia from Florida and saw a monster buck walking across our back yard. When I saw the buck, I had to have him on my wall. So that day with no hesitation, I signed up for a hunter’s education course. I was fortunate to have a close friend/mentor to teach me the bigger picture of hunting. In hunting, it’s not all about getting the biggest trophy buck that happens to be in the woods that day (all though it is great when that happens). It’s about observing nature at its finest, admiring all its aspects and recognizing the responsibility of a hunter. Hunting responsibly includes such things as knowing whether or not to pull the trigger, helping with the problem of over population and trying to use everything from your kill and not just kill for the fun of it. So after I did everything I needed to in order to acquire a hunting license, I went out in the woods! While on my way to the tree stand I came across about eleven deer, all of which were doe. I stopped dead in my tracks and I raised my rifle (Weatherby .308 – still my favorite deer rifle). But before I could get one in the cross hairs, they darted and were gone. I didn’t let that stop me so I continued and got up in the tree stand. An hour goes by and finally the buck I wanted appeared! I was so excited when I saw him I couldn’t stop shaking when I raised the gun and while looking through the cross hairs. The pure adrenaline and excitement had taken me over and when I pulled the trigger, I barely hit him. I shot the top of his spine due to shaking so much but was able to make the kill. After that rush of pure excitement and adrenaline, I knew then that this was my passion and still to this day, I get that same rush with every deer that comes into my cross hairs.

If you enjoyed my post, tune in next week because there is more to come!


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